Sandy holds degrees in Apparel Design, Studio Arts and Arts in Education and is a certified Creativity and Life Purpose Coach. She believes that creativity is the essential element defining human character, linking soul to spirit; and the exploring the relationship between art and the artist is a grand adventure.

She has won numerous awards for her art including National Endowment for the Arts and Minnesota Folk Arts Grant, and the first International Virtual Gallery. Her work has been featured at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, in galleries and private collections, and she has been interviewed on Color Therapy blog radio, and by the Creativity Coaching Association. Her writing has been published in books, magazines, ezines and association newsletters.
“I understand both the pitfalls and joys of a creative life. Creating is fun and, it’s also real work that holds daily challenges. Developing creativity opens wonderful possibilities, and I find deep satisfaction giving people the tools to share my vision, and participate in my creative process. Creative expression is the sacred interaction with our individual spirit, and skillfully guided can open the enjoyment of authentic living. My personal mission is ‘to make my life a playful celebration.’ My painting is a key part of the joy I express around me.”
My Painting and Artworks

Creating brings me joy and helps me explore new worlds. I work in multiple styles and enjoy all media. Painting brings me into the layers on the surface of my canvas, and texture adds detail to the shadows that define my imagery. I let light dance with color to evoke different moods. The only serious rule I follow is: to have fun!

Abstract art represents the raw fundamentals of nature juxtaposed with feeling to create paintings alive with life force energy. I appreciate its intimate look into the everyday matter that forms what I see around me. Painting abstractions gives me the freedom to expose the unrefined elements I enjoy in nature and pair them with emotion.

When I paint landscapes I capture new sensations that reflect a more romantic feeling. The balance between asymmetric collections of land mass, rocks and plants, makes for an endless supply of painterly discovery.


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