Coping Creatively

It’s been a hard winter for most in North America. Where I live we love the season. Not this one! It’s been just more work and bitter cold temperatures. Cabin fever is not a joke this year. It’s a real health concern for the creative soul.

Ice Crystals Frame My View

Ice Crystals Frame My View

I usually enjoy a winter walk and plenty of snowy activities like cross country skiing and snowshoeing. I drive about and watch bolder types ice fish and skate in the many lakes and rinks around. Not this winter! We’ve had three times the usual subzero temperature days. I don’t see many ice houses or fishing neighborhoods set up on frozen lakes. My smartphone weather report gives me a daily picture of what frigid looks like. Enough already!

Green Meets Frigid

Green Meets Frigid

What can a creative do to weather a wobbled polar vortex? Since going out is miserable, I’ve been literally  looking out for inspiration. My trusty camera and I have been snapping photos of the ice formations on my windows. They’re exquisitely detailed and change throughout the day as the water vapor trapped between the glass panes melts and refreezes.  It’s been a continual show that has me mesmerized by it’s intricacy and the myriad of ways light is reflected!

Intimate Ice


Frozen Dance

Frozen Dance

I’d love hear how the rest of the continent has survived winter? Add a post and tell me what eased your cabin fever.


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